Grace Halbert

Software Engineer

New Orleanian. Problem Solver. Team Player.
Pet Lover. Southern Cooking Specialist.

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Honeypot is a native, cross-platform app that helps users manage personal finance in an easy and fun way by linking game-play to monetary savings. Through in-game microtransactions, users deposit money into their savings account by purchasing supplies for their virtual pet.

The user interface is a pet-care game that triggers ACH transfers between a user’s checking and savings accounts. The happier your pet, the bigger your savings.

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JamSesh is a social network for musicians to find jam sessions. Built with React, the application allows users to create groups and post for new band mates. Users can filter band listings by location, instrument seeking, or genre.

The application facilitates discussion through both general and band-specific chat rooms, powered with Firebase database for quick and reliable response time, or users can connect through individual messaging.

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Litter is a social media application built with React Native for IOS that allows anonymous users to drop pieces of writing, art or photos to a pin on their geo-location. Other users that come to the same location can pick up that piece of media and store it in their collection.

The user interface is a localized map which shows all the litter dropped in your area that are available to be collected. Users can start collecting and show off their litter to their friends.

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